About ElectroCenter TV Repair and Service

ElectroCenter TV Repair and Service in Delaware, OH has been repairing and servicing TVs and electronics since 1994. Our two decades of experience allows us to provide our customers with the best quality service possible. We are an authorized service center for most major brands, meaning we will repair and service your TV according to the manufacturers' original codes and regulations. With ElectroCenter, you can be sure your TVs & electronics will be handled with the proper care and attention, maintaining the manufacturers' original specifications.


As a certified service center, we have access to various databases of most major manufacturers specificying the service parameter within service menu. Thus, ElectroCenter will ensure that all final adjustments after every repair will be completed according to the manufacturers' original state, resulting in optimal quality in picture and sound.


While ElectroCenter specializes in TV repair and service, we also repair and service other electronics such as Video and Audio systems and computers.


ElectroCenter is a guaranteed seller and buyer of used TVs and TV parts. If you are having any trouble with TV or any system's wiring, contact us.


Our goal is to provide expert quality services at prices that work for you.

OUR CUSTOMER Get in touch TODAY section can help you with any questions you might have, or any information, you might need to know. Please refer to CONTACT US tab to find out what ElectroCenter in Delaware, OH can do for your electronics needs!